People Are Outraged After This Reindeer Was Killed By Pollution


The death of a reindeer found tangled in rope and drowning off the British coast has sparked calls for people to stop polluting and littering. Emma Rigby, from Devon in the south of England, was walking her dog by the coast when she spotted something in the water, which she initially thought was a cow.

Source: Emma Rigby/Facebook

When she saw antlers, she realized that it was, in fact, a reindeer. Launching into action, Rigby made her way out towards the struggling animal, as she told local news outlet Devon Live:

He was being weighed down by a thin rope which was entwined with debris. I threw off my trainers and pulled him ashore and using my car keys cut him free. 

Source: Emma Rigby/Facebook

With help from passers-by, Rigby managed to pull the deer, nicknamed 'Buddy', from the water and warm him up with their coats:

He was exhausted but with outdoor coats keeping him warm we all stopped the shivering, and he was happy to let us reassure him.

Source: Emma Rigby/Facebook

Although they called the RSPCA, who took him to one of their centers for treatment, Buddy sadly did not cope well with his ordeal and died only hours after being rescued.When Rigby broke the sad news on a Facebook community group, Exmouth Community UK, she also mentioned how much litter was strewn around the beach and floating in the waves that had claimed Buddy's life.

Others chimed in, devastated that human waste could have contributed to Buddy's death, as he became panicked after getting tangled in some abandoned rope. "The selfishness of pollution", as one commentator called it, could claim the lives of many more animals, and the community rallied around the tragic death to start organizing litter pick ups in the local area.Although we will never know how Buddy ended up in the sea, hopefully his legacy will remind people to put their litter in a bin, rather than leaving it for animals to discover.

H/t: Devon Live

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