People Are Getting Tattoos Of Their Pets' Paw Prints And The Internet Is Loving It

Andrea A.

A new trend has been rising in tattoo parlors around the world. Instead of the names of their children or Celtic crosses, people are getting beautifully artistic versions of their beloved pets' paw prints! This new type of body art gained popularity after tattoo artist��Wild Flower��posted a picture of one she had done of her sister's dog, Sunky.To get a good likeness of the colorful paw, they took over 200 prints of his paw - with the co-operation of the patient pooch, of course.Others have run with the idea, thinking of it as a wonderful way to celebrate the bond they have with their four-legged-friends, and remember them when they pass on. If you can get your pet to stay still for long enough, it's well worth the effort!Here are some of the most beautiful paw print tattoos on the web:



Une publication partag��e par Jackie Adamski (@jackieadamski) le 9 Juil. 2016 �� 16h48 PDT



Une publication partag��e par Milk And Honey Tattoo Parlour (@milkandhoneytattoo) le 7 Sept. 2017 �� 11h24 PDT


Une publication partag��e par Val��ria Kov��cs (@valerink.smith) le 21 Ao��t 2017 �� 4h44 PDT


Une publication partag��e par Gordon Sparks (@gordonsparks883) le 18 Ao��t 2017 �� 19h40 PDT


Une publication partag��e par Little John's Tattoo (@littlejohnstattoo) le 7 Ao��t 2017 �� 17h00 PDT


Une publication partag��e par Jordan Melgaard (@jordan_melgaard) le 26 Mai 2017 �� 21h25 PDT


Une publication partag��e par J������mmy Butcher (@thebutcherbrand) le 28 Nov. 2016 �� 16h34 PST


Une publication partag��e par Eve's Ink Tattoo (@eves_ink_tattoo) le 11 Sept. 2017 �� 4h44 PDT


Une publication partag��e par Karolina Joniec (@k.joniec) le 6 Sept. 2017 �� 19h03 PDT

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