Meanwhile In Qatar… A Tiger Was Cruising Down The Motorway

On Tuesday 8th March, commuters on the Doha motorway, in Qatar, had an unexpected surprise when they saw an escaped tiger walking past their cars. The feline, who was clearly frightened and disorientated, was walking in between the traffic lanes in the opposite direction of the cars.


Source : @Twitter

A long leash was attached to itsneck, meaning the endangered animal was probably being kept illegally in captivity. Several hours later, a videowent viral on social media sites thatshowedthe poor animal falling from a lorry.

تظهر لقطات جديدة أن النمر سقط من شاحنةNew footage shows that the #tiger fell off from a truck :O poor thing 3:) #DohaTiger #QatarDoes anyone else know about the incident?تظهر لقطات جديدة أن النمر سقط من شاحنةVideo: @ilqlive#QatarDayPosted by Qatar Day on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Interior Minister wrote on hisTwitteraccount that an inquest has been launched and that the identity of the animal's owneris known.Utterly terrified, the large feline soon hid under a vehicle where they finally managed to seize her. The Interior Minister tweeted that she "washanded over to competent authorities".


Source : @Twitter, tigers, cheetahs... All of these endangered species can be found in people's homes in Qatar. Despite the law forbidding such a ridiculous practice, many people keepthese wild animals as pets. It's a very controversial issue in the country and no doubt this roaming tiger will relaunch the debate.Today, there are sadly only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, according to WWF. The charity has launched a campaign to "double the population" by 2022. You can help support them here.

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Andrea A.