Paris Jackson Leaves Dior Show To Protest Against The Use Of Horses On The Catwalk

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, made quite the statement at the Dior Couture spring/summer 2019 show at the end of last month. The young woman abruptly left mid-way through the show when horses appeared as part of the show that was meant to showcase a women's rodeo.

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Many reports claimed that Paris Jackson "stormed out" of the show. Upon hearing this, she released a statement giving her side of the story:

To be clear, I did not ‚Äėstorm out‚Äô of the show. I quietly got up and walked out trying my hardest to not cause a scene, because I do not support animals being branded and whipped.¬†Not trying to become enemies in the fashion world in any way, but I will always be myself.

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Shocked by the use of horses, the young woman got up and left, rather that stay for the rest of the show. A source close to Paris said:

The ladies performing with the horses were riding side-saddle so they had to use a crop to get the horses to go straight and it was pouring rain with no tent.

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The source also said that despite what happened, Paris "meant no disrespect to the brand" and that she "had a wonderful time in Paris with Dior". After leaving the show, the young woman posted a photo of herself on her Instagram, confirming that she wouldn't be attending the rest of the show.Dior has not yet commented on this.

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