Paralyzed Puppy Crawled Through Wildnerness To Find Help But Still Has The Biggest Heart


A seven-month-old puppy named Poppy made a remarkable journey across Botswana using only her front legs to crawl her way to safety.It is suspected that she became paralyzed either when she was trampled by an animal or possibly even kicked by a human.


Source: Amanda Stronza

However, the determined dog did not let this stop her, and she made her way all alone to theOkavango Delta, an elephant research camp. Workers there were stunned to see the injured dog entering their land full of wild animals.Nonetheless, Poppy instantly won them overand Amanda Stronza, an employee at the camp, toldThe Dodohow they knew straight away that she was special:

Her eyes pulled us in immediately. They are huge, imploring, and sparkling with life. She bursts with the sweetest spirit, and we could see that clearly, despite the desperate condition she was in.

Source: Amanda Stronza

Stronza's colleague, Susanne Vogel, was equally as surprised by the arrival of the impressive puppy that survived a journey surrounded by dangerous predators. She describes toThe Dodo:

She came crawling — literally crawling, because her back legs were completely immobilized — into our research camp. She was unable to walk, but full of love and seeking help.

Staff atOkavango Deltaimmediately knew that they had to take care of the paralyzed and emaciated animal. They started to slowly help her to regain her strength, but knew that Poppy needed more specialist treatment and planned to make the eight hour drive and ferry ride to the nearest vet.


Source: Amanda Stronza

The vet informed them that the puppy needed expensive and vital spinal surgery. Stronza knew that they couldn't give up and so had the idea to set up a GoFundMe pageto raise the $3000 needed. She explained to The Dodo:

She had so much life in her, and I knew we needed to honor her will to live and the hard fight she had already fought to find us and stay alive. I couldn't agree to euthanize her.

The little dog has proved to be a hit and herGoFundMe pagehas raised over double its initial target.


Source: Amanda Stronza

However,Poppy is currently still too weak to have the surgery, and so her new caretakers are doing all they can to continue to help her regain her strength, and will reassess the situation with time. The ultimate goal is to find the pup a new forever home.Stronza has since set up a Facebook page for her furry friend and there are already many people interested in adopting the charming dog, and hundreds more that are following her progress.


Source: Poppy The Botswana Puppy

You can donate to Poppy's GoFundMe page here, and you can follow her progress on her facebook page here.

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