Paralysed Mother Crawls On To Find Her Babies Once More

A mother's love for her children knows no bounds. In fact, most mothers would be ready for die for them.

At least that's the case for this mother cat who was the victim of a truly contemptible act of violence after accidentally wandering into somebody's garden in Australia.


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Catching sight of the cat in the gutter outside his home, the man grabbed her by the tail and threw her against a trailer before leaving her for dead...or so he thought.

A neighbour discovered her week-old kittens and took them into her care before dropping them off at an animal rescue centre, also under the impression that their mother was dead.


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But the next day, something incredible happened. The mother cat, who had been lying in the same position since the day before, began to crawl along with her front legs. Her maternal instinct took over and she resolutely clung on to life, making her way to where she'd left her babies.

But the cruel attack had left the lower part of her body completely paralysed, making it very difficult. Luckily, the neighbour found her and took her to the local animal shelter, where she was reunited with her little babies.


Source : @Facebook

Though this incredible story has a happy ending, it remains tragic nonetheless since the cat (who has been baptised Princess) will be paralysed for the rest of her life. But we can rest assured in the knowledge that she will always be taken care of by Dee Walton, founder of the organisation that saved her, Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue.Her cruel torturer was arrested following a police investigation, and Princess will be able to nurse her babies until they are old enough to be adopted. Meanwhile, theorganisation is trying to get the disabled cat a wheelchair. Dee Walton concludes:

Princess is a fighter. She reminds me every day that you should never give up. Her kittens gave her the will to survive. 

We'll leave you with these touching images of the brave mum and her babies: