Owner Ties Dog To The Back Of His Truck While Speeding Down The Highway Causing Outrage

A woman was driving down the highway with her boyfriend one day, when she witnessed a horrifying scene.It was a dog tied up on top of a crate speeding down the road. Being the animal lover she was, Brenna Cronin whipped out her phone to take a video and contact the authorities.


Source: Brenna Cronin/Facebook

The young woman can be heard criticizing the driver as the dog, whose name is Zeus, walks around in a circle, visibly terrified according to Cronin.She told The Dodo:

We both just felt so bad for him. When that dog saw me looking at him, he actually stood up and looked right into my eyes. I think dogs' eyes speak a lot about their feelings, and he just looked so sad, and it really broke my heart. 

Most surprising of all, however, is that this is totally legal in Florida, where the events took place. Her video of the incident went viral, and animal services and the local sheriff's office investigated the situation.


Source: Brenna Cronin/Facebook

The man eventually received a ticket for only tethering his dog with one leash instead of the legal requirement of two, but even that would have seemed cruel.There were two other dogs who were kept inside of the crate. The eagle-eyed good Samaritan who spotted Zeus also noticed there was a branded letter "S" on the hind leg of one of the dogs.Apparently, although considered animal cruelty, branding is occasionally used on hunting dogs.Zeus's owner claims that he was taking the dogs on a hunting trip. He told News 4 Jacksonville:

When I let him out of his concrete kennel, which he stays in, he jumps on top. So, I put a strap on there because that’s how he likes to ride. If I would let him, he’d ride on the top of my truck. He does not want to get into the box. That’s the way he likes to ride.

Source: Brenna Cronin/Facebook

When pressed about what would have happened if he had gotten into an accident, he responded, "It wouldn't have made a difference if he was in the back of the truck or the dog box."Investigators found Zeus to be unharmed and healthy, as were all of the other dogs in the man's care. Unfortunately, since he still believes he did nothing wrong by endangering the life of his dog, he will most likely do the same thing again - only this time with two leashes, the legal way.If you see someone abusing or mistreating their animal, don't hesitate to report them to your local animal services department.You can watch the full video below, but be aware that there is swearing:

Just saw this asshole driving down 95 with a dog with the letter S branded into his right back leg, chained to the top of a cage....does anyone know this vehicle? Got off on 100 going towards flagler, I called the cops and they opened and investigation and have now found the owners, I am so happy this video was able to help these poor dogs out.Posted by Brenna Cronin on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

H/t: The Dodo

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