Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies Adopted By Their Mom's Best Friend In The Shelter

Lily Rose the pregnant Pit bull was in bad health when she was found and rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She went into labour once she arrived at the shelter, but there werevarious complications - the babies were moving around but could not come out. Veterinarians were wary of a C-section, but it seemed they had no other option.


Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Tragically, the mommy dog didn't survive the surgery - but she gave birth to eight beautiful, healthy puppies. The shelter wrote on Facebook:

We will never forget this happy, smiley girl, but all we can do to honor her now is to fight like heck to save her babies.

These tiny puppies desperately needed a mother's care, milk and touch - they were too young to be looked after by humans.Thankfully, Lily Rose's best friendwas there.


Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Pocahontas was rescued from a flooded basement when she was pregnant, along with her mother Queen. She had just given birth to eight of her own puppies and was still weaning them when Lily Rose, her best friend at the shelter,passed away.


Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

So Pocahontas adopted the other newborns as if they were her own, and gavethem the strength they needed to survive the passing of their mother.


Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

This amazing dog took care of 16 puppies at once - which is no easy task - and all of them turned outhealthy and strong.


Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Lily Rose can rest in peace knowing her babies are being so well taken care of. But not all dogs receive this kind of care and attention, especially not those that are abandoned and neglected, those dogs that Rescue Dogs Rock aims to save. Make a donation to the shelter to help them continue their good work.

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