Orphaned Elephant Never Forgot Her Rescuers And Surprised Them With Her New Baby

The staff at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) got a pleasant surprise earlier this month when one of their former orphaned elephants arrived for an unannounced visit.


Source: DSWT

Galana had been found alone as a baby twelve years ago after her mother had probably been killed by poachers. She was afraid and vulnerable and the DSWT took her in, bottle-raising her until adulthood.


Source: DSWT

In 2011, the staff decided it was time to let her out into the wild again. Galana set off with a new family - a herd of wild elephants.But Galana never strayed too far. Elephants have extremely good memories and she came back often to seeher rescuers.



Source: DSWT

On her latest visit to her former home, Galana brought a surprise guest with her. It was her new baby, only a few hours old.


Source: DSWT

The staff opened the gates to the trust and other orphaned elephants arrived for the celebration. There was a whole group of elephants who had once shared a life together now celebrating a new one. DSWT wrote in a Facebook statement:

They were so excited and overcome with joy of a new baby in the fold, trumpeting and charging around celebrating.

Source: DSWT

The new baby was the reason all these elephants - to share in the joy. The DSWT team named her Gawa, which means 'share' in Swahili. A suitable name for a calf so special that her mother had to share her with theirhuman family. Amie Alden of the DSWT told The Dodo:

We're proud to have afforded her a second chance after she was orphaned and to provide a safe environment for her to bring up Gawa, protected by the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Teams and our Aerial Surveillance.

Source: DSWT

To support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the good work they do in saving orphaned elephants in Kenya, make a donation here. Here is an adorable video of baby Gawa at 6 days old, playing amongst the herd.

Baby Gawa keeping close to mumBaby Gawa, Galana's first wild born calf, is now 6 days old! She's looking great and keeping close to mum, who is proving to be a wonderfully attentive mother.Posted by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Thursday, 8 September 2016