Terrified Baby Chimpanzee Literally Reaches Out For Help


In a small, African village in the Congo, a heartbreaking video was filmed showing a baby chimpanzee, visibly lostand afraid, calling for help. She looks into the camera and lets out a little moan.


Source : Facebook/Lwiro Primates

This young animal's distress is so difficult to watch that it feels like the video goes on for hours. Hermother was a victim of poaching and was captured and then sold to be a house pet. Mado's expression says everything we need to know about the trauma of taking babies away from their mothers - or the other way around - due to this cruel commerce.

Safe Mado!URGENT CALL!We received a distress call! This little girl is Mado, she is being held in a village next to Garamba, but we have a chance to save her life.Do you want to help us to save Mado?Please help us with the expenses of her rescue in the following link:!Publié par Lwiro Primates sur vendredi 3 février 2017

Little Mado was luckily saved by the volunteers atLwiro Primates, a sanctuary that takes care of orphaned primates in the area. The baby chimp was transported to the sanctuary and given medical care thanks to numerous donations, sent from internet users all around the world, shocked by the images which were shared far and wide on Facebook.Sadly, not all monkeys are rescued from poachers and cruel, commercial schemes. Today, wild animal trafficking is still one of the biggestillegal commerces in the world.


Source : Facebook/Lwiro PrimatesAdam Roberts, director ofBorn Free USA, toldThe Dodo : "Many of these animals die in transit. They are packed and shipped in ways that don't meet their biological and physical needs."

Mado is safe in Lwiro!Mado is safe in Lwiro Primates! Thanks to everybody who donated! Your response has been amazing!Thanks to Parc National de la Garamba /ICCN, Virunga National Park and ICCN! Incredible team work!Mado's case need to raise awareness about the cruelty of poaching and pet trade! We need to act now!If you want to help with Mado's care:!!Publié par Lwiro Primates sur dimanche 5 février 2017

In order to help other baby primates orphaned by trafficking, make a donation toLwiro Primatesand watch your money save a young animal's life.

H/t: TheDodo 

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