Only One Person Noticed To This "Throwaway" Mommy Dog Tied Up In The Subway


Hundreds of people rushed past her in a New York City subway station. It was rush hour - everyone was on their way somewhere important. They didn't even look twice at the dog tied to the platform.

FOSTER OUTSIDE OF NYC NEEDED:Backyard breeding and the subsequent dumping of 'throwaway mamas' is an epidemic in every city, particularly major cities like ours (NYC). This is the face of just one of thousands who are cast aside when they are no longer of use to their owner. Her name is BETSEY.Abandoned in the Atlantic Terminal subway station in Brooklyn last week with only a prong collar, pink leash and garbage bag to lay on, Betsey had been tied up for over an hour before someone finally took action. After realizing this dog had been dumped, passerby Sarah Borok called the NYPD, who then contacted Animal Care & Control to have her picked up.Sarah shared BESTEY's story, hoping for rescue to step in and visited her at Brooklyn AC&C the following day. When Sarah reached out to us for help, despite an incoming family of ten dogs and the sudden return of two others to our program, we were compelled to step in, not only for Betsey, but because of Sarah's compassion and her decision to not be like hundreds of other strangers who just walked by a dog in distress.Betsey is learning what it's like to live in a home for what may be the first time with her temporary foster mom Heather Wopat (we are still in need of a longer term foster outside of the city). Her tired body tells the story of years living in neglect, bred multiple times, likely confined to a crate and possibly even a life outside exposed to all the elements. Betsey has pressure sores on most of her joints, overgrown nails embedded with dirt and dark stains throughout her poorly cared for coat. She has a growth inside of her right eye that we will address ASAP this week, along with all of her other medical needs, and a spay. Betsey has been affectionate and friendly with each person she has met, and eagerly wags her tail at each dog that passes by. We will share more about her personality as we get to know her.Sadly, Betsey is one of many, but a rare lucky one who gets a chance at salvation. Countless female dogs like her die before they can find rescue. They die because people still buy puppies on Craiglist, from strangers on the street sharing fake stories about 'accidental' litters, and from absolute morons who believe they can buy a 'purebred' Pit Bull puppy (Pit Bulls are a mix, by definition, a classification used to describe the way a dog looks, not a breed).Reporting backyard breeding or activity you suspect may be cruel or neglectful (and often times illegal), and stepping up when you see a dog who appears to be abandoned can have life saving ramifications, not only for that dog, but for the community you live in. Setting an example for children is vital to changing the future state of animal welfare. Education is the most effective way to make change happen.BETSEY IS STILL IN NEED OF A LONGER TERM FOSTER HOME beginning this weekend, within 1 hour of NYC, and preferably in a quiet suburban environment where she can decompress. The city is understandably very overwhelming for her and we want to set her up for success. Betsey needs a patient foster who can work with her on house & crate training. To apply to foster Betsey, please complete the application here: http://mrbonesandco.org/foster-application/Thank you to Jessica Mejia for transporting Betsey, and to Christina and David Montani for donating a brand new crate and bed to this most deserving dog!If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to our 501c3 nonprofit to help with Betsey's medical care costs, you can do so through this link http://mrbonesandco.org/donate/ or via PayPal to [email protected] is the New Black.®#AdoptBetseyMBCPublié par Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway sur mardi 6 septembre 2016

The Dodo reports that the abandoned dog was still wearing her prong collar, and was lying on a spread out garbage bag. She must have been absolutely terrified.Marisa Grimshaw works for Mr. Bones & Co. animal rescue, and she told The Dodo:

It was determined that she had been there for at least an hour and nobody had called the cops or animal control. So we can only imagine how many people walked past her — and I'm sure didn't think it was normal but also didn't feel compelled to stop and help her.

On August 31, there was one commuter who decided that rush hour traffic or not, she was going to help this poor pup. Sarah Borok called the police to come and fetch this desperately lonely dog.The pup was taken to a public shelter in Brooklyn, where they christened her Betsey.


Source: Mr. Bones & Co.

Grimshaw noted that Betsey was shy, but wagged her tail and let other dogs sniff her. Those were positive signs.Borok, Betsey's first friend in NYC, came to visit her the next day at the shelter and Betsey definitely remembered her.


Source: Sarah Borok

Betsey is what Grimshaw calls a "throwaway mama" - dogs used as breeding machinesand then dumped, forced to watch their babies die in front of them or have them taken away, then getting pregnant straight after again. Owners often dothis with Pit bulls specifically to make money from the puppies, without any care or concern for the mother's wellbeing. They often abandoned the mothers when they didn't need them anymore.


Source: Sarah Borok

Betsey's puppies were never found, but at least she was free of the life as a reproduction machine. She is only 2 years old and she appears to already have given birth to several litters of puppies. And what did her former owner reward her with? A garbage bag bed and abandonment.Betsey has a lot of medical issues that are going to be cared for, including sores all over her skin and an eye infection, but she is now with a temporary foster home.


Source: Sarah Borok

Betsey is still looking for her forever home. It should be a home full of love and support, with humans who are willing to take things slow... After all, despite her being a mother, Betsey is actually still just a little puppy herself. She needs guidance and love. Grimshaw said:

She allows everyone she meets to pet her and she's always eagerly seeking out pets from everyone. She lights up when she sees other dogs and she wags her tail.

Source: Mr. Bones & Co.

If you feel compelled to help this sweet pup, you can make a donation for her medical bills.Even better, if you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Rhode Island, think about giving Betsey the home she has always deserved. You can fill out an adoption form here.


Source: Sarah Borok

H/t: The Dodo