One Ordinary Hero Has Already Rescued The Lives Of Over 500 Animals


A man from Jaipur, India, helps rescue and save the lives of animals in need every single day. That man's name is Kapil Bajpai.


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37 years old, Kapil believes his purpose in life is to save animals. Utterly dedicated, he works day and night rescuing them, looking after them, and seeing to their every need.He told the sitePlanète Animaux:

Sometimes, I feel lonely. But luckily, I have my animals and they love me unconditionally. I find happiness in helping them. They have become my life, and I would die for them.

Kapil works entirely voluntarily looking after the animals he saves, and he also managesthe rescue associationHelp In Suffering.


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He helps save every kind of animal out there, let alone dogs and cats, he also rescues sheep, cows and birds.Because every life is worth saving.


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He added:

Society, my friends and family all tell me I'm mad, but I am a genuine animal lover, and I know God watches over me.


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In Jaipur, he is so well-known for his philanthropy that he is the first to be called when a local animal is found in need.Thanks to him, over 500 animals' lives have been saved.Kapi's aim in the long run is to make people aware about the animal cause. He said:

We need to teach our children to love and respect all animals.


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