Once Too Sick To Even Lift Her Head, This Dog Will Never Be Alone Again Thanks To Her Saviors


The rescue organisation Animal Aid Unlimited India has many volunteers who dedicate their lives to saving and treating lost, stray, injured and sick animals. They film their rescue missions and the results are always inspiring to watch.The latest video shows the volunteers arriving on the scene of a sick dog lying down in the grass on the side of the road, in the rain and cold. Millie was so weak she couldn't even lift her head when the team arrived.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

They gave her a small treat to eat, before wrapping the pup up in a blanket and transporting her back to their medical center.The veterinarians discovered that Millie's pain was inside - she had infected genitals and there was a lot of pus and inflammation. She had an advanced level of pyometra, which necessited immediate emergency surgery.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

But the dog was too weak to go straight into surgery and the team feared she might die in this frail state. So they stabilized the animal before taking her into surgery to remover her uterus. When they saw it, the doctors were shocked. Millie's uterus was swollen to more than five times the size of a normal one.But the very next day, the brave dog was sitting upright and enjoying her lunch. She started doing much better right away, and her recovery took a couple of weeks. But finally, Millie is the picture of a healthy, happy dog.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

She has all the cuddles and love she needs from the volunteers, as well as all quality medical treatment which means she will never be scared, alone and in pain again.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

If you'd like to support Animal Aid Unlimited India and see more rescue stories, go to their website to make a donation and help them in continuing their great work saving animals.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

You can watch the full video of the incredible rescue and transformatin below. (Warning: graphic images).[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MTLrJ5_Q4[/embed]