On The Last Day Of Her Vacation, She Attempts The Impossible To Save A Kitten In Distress


Hannah Shaw, the young woman responsible for the cat protection program, Kitten Lady, cared for a young kitten while she was on vacation in Peru with her boyfriend, reportsThe Dodo.


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The couple, had just traveled through the Andes and spent a few days in Cuzco, in the southeast region of the country. She was wandering in the streets of the town when she heard the cries of a frightened kitten, who was in the arms of a young boy running.


Source: The Great Went Photo

Immediately, the young woman called the boy and his friends over, all around the age of six, and asked them to show her the animal, a young female, only a couple of weeks old. She toldThe Dodo:

The kid wasn't being mean to the kitten - he was really excited, but he was squeezing her a lot. So I started to chase after him, and said, 'Hey, hey - let me try and help this kitten.'

Using the basic Spanish she knew, Hannah was able to understand from the children that the tiny animal didn't have a mother, and that she came from another part of town. She was thin and starving, with her fur full of fleas.Luckily, Hannah had some cat food with her, and took it upon herself to nurse the kitten, who she decided to call Munay, back to health. While the three boys had good intentions, they didn't realy have any way to save her.


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Hannah knew that if she wanted to give Munay a chance to live, she would have to bring her to the United States with her when she left the next day.A race against the clock was started. In less than 24 hours, she needed to get the kitten checked out by a veterinarian, get her vaccinated and hope that they would let her board the plane. Hannah explained:

We were just crossing our fingers, hoping we had done everything right. We did everything that we knew to do, but there's just not a ton of great information out there about exactly what is needed about this specific situation, so we were kind of going into it, saying, 'We hope this will work. If it doesn't work, what do we do? Do we miss our flight?'

Source: The Great Went Photo

Thankfully, everything went well. Munay was able to arrive in the U.S. in good health without any major problem, and slept in Hannah's sweater during the long flight.


Source: The Great Went Photo

She will be spoiled by the couple until she is big and strong enough to be adopted. If her story touches you, you can support Hannah's organization by making a donation to her organization, here.Watch the video of Munay's rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcL8e80Dr5s[/embed]

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