Oldest Dog Vet Has Ever Seen Is Still Bursting With Energy

This Jack Russell-Collie called Kia is no spring chicken. In fact, she is reckoned to be over 19 years old. In dog years, that's 133 years old! And people from her hometown are calling her 'immortal'.


Source: @LeicesterMercuryThe English pup had been abandoned and was very ill and malnourished when she was found on the streets in Nottingham. But thanks to the loving care she received from One Paw At A Time, an animal rescue shelter, Kia's days were no longer numbered.


Source: @LeicesterMercuryIn fact, it seems nothing can stop Kia. Her vet claims she isthe oldest dog she has ever seen and that she's in brilliant condition. Kiais bouncing with energy and loves her new foster family.


Source: @LeicesterMercuryWe hope this miraculous pupcontinues to stay healthy and active for as long as possible!

Featured image: @LeicesterMercury

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