Old, Homeless Dog Who Was Attacked By A Porcupine Has A Much Better Life Now

On October 5, the rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited India published a new video of one of their missions. They specialize in saving animals from the street in India, and have more than 4500 animals each year.


Source: YouTube

The team receivedan alert about an old, stray dog who had been attacked by a porcupine. One of the enormous quills was stuck in the pup's eye.


Source: YouTube

The man who sent the alert was worried about the dog's safety and called the rescue organization, who arrived quickly on the scene to take care of the injured animal.


Source: YouTube

By some miracle, the quill had not pierced the eyeball, so the medical team at the Animal Aid shelter removed it as carefully as they could. They gave a strong tranquilizer to the stray dog to prevent her feeling any pain.


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Without this quick intervention, the poor pup would certainly not have made it.


Source : YouTube

The little pooch recovered completely, and now seems very grateful to her rescuers for saving her life. She loves cuddling them and they even share meals.




: YouTube

Thanks to the good work of the Animal Aid Unlimited team, this dog can spend her days playing, making friends and eating good food at the organization's sanctuary. If you'd like to support the team in their fight to help stray animals, make a donation here.

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Andrea A.