Old Dog Who Walks 4 Miles Into Town Every Day Now Has A Statue In His Honour

Everyone in the town of Longville, Minnesota, knows Bruno. He is one of the first town locals you will meet.Bruno is a wandering wolf dog who has never had a real home, although he now lives in the hearts of all the residents. 12 years ago, a passer-by handed this puppy to a resident, Larry LaVallee thinking he belonged to one of the houses in the area. No-one knew where he came from, but LaVallee decided to keep him.



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Since then, hehas loved walking around. He'd be in and out of LaVallee's yard every day.For the past 12 years, the big brown doghas walked the 4 miles along Highway 84 into town. He just wanders around town saying hi to everyone.


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Naturally, he starts his morning at the deli, where he is given a treat, then stops at the city hall, the ice cream shop and some real estate offices.Everyone knows him, loves him and treats him like their own dog. Patrick Moran, who works in a real estate office that is one of Bruno's local stops, said:

He’s our buddy, we kind of watch out for him the best way we can.

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Thisspecial dogis so loved and known by the residents thatthe town dedicated a carved wooden statute in his honour last year. The statue is situated in a park on Longville’s main street.“Longville’s town dog and ambassador,” the engraving on the accompanying marker reads.


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Bruno is getting old now, and it is visible in his slow walk, still as determined as before but less nimble.Hehas been the mascot of the town for 12 years and has put a smile on every resident's face at one point or another. Even though he is getting old now, he will always have a special place in the town's heart and will be continued to be honoured.


Source: Kare