Old Dog Left To Die In Agony After Being Abandoned When His Family Moved House


A bailiff made a terrible discovery after breaking into an empty apartment in Marseilles, France. Lying on the floor was a 12-year-old dog, abandoned, weak and painfully thin. He had been left in the buildng with no food or water when his old family moved house and, after months alone, was starving to death in agony.Volunteers from Marseilles's SPA (equivalent to the RSPCA in the UK or the ASPCA in the United States) took custody of the dog and rushed him to a veterinarian, but he sadly died just one hour after arriving.The association took to Facebook to voice their disgust and anger, posting:

This 12-year-old dog was forced to die slowly… of hunger, thirst, cold and loneliness... And since animals have hearts, he must have felt love towards his master... Wondered if something bad had happened to him...
Marseille : vieux chien abandonné dans un appartement vide à l'agonie

Source: SPA Marseille

The SPA has filed a complaint against the dog's former family.Animals too have feelings and feel pain, just as humans do. If you can no longer look after your pet, please look for another family or give them up for adoption through an animal rescue group, such as the RSPCA or the ASPCA.If you want to give a second chance to an abandoned cat or dog, consider adopting. There are millions of animals all over the world who would love to be your companion for life.

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