Old Dog Left Her Vile Yard To Get Help For Her Animal Friends

Andrea A.

In the beginning of 2016, Bagel, a 13-year-old chow-chow cross breed, was found on the pavement in the state of New York, reports The Dodo.


Source: Debbie Davidson

The poor animal was the picture of years of negligence, with thinning fur and matted skin. The dog was trying to cross the road when Debbie Davidson, an animal lover, drove past in her car.


Source: Debbie Davidson

The American first thought Bagel was a stray dog, until a woman living in a neaby house came to fetch her. Debbie asked a few questions and quickly learnt that this dog had spent her life in devastating conditions. She told The Dodo:

It [the garden] was disgusting, poop everywhere. [Their] food and water bowls were filthy, the water was dirty. It was just horrible, and the poor pups smelled awful.

Source: Debbie Davidson

Bagel wasn't the only pet living in the rubbish; she had with her Chloe, an 8 or 9-year-old female German Shepherd, as well as Toby, a 5-year-old cat with paralysed back paws who was incapable of staying upright. Chloe was suffering from a skin disease and had visible dysplasia. She was just as malnourished and thin as Bagel.Debbie immediately asked the woman to explain herself, to which she replied that they were her father's dogs. After his wife's death, he had sold his house and moved to an old-age home and wanted to give the dogs and cat to the neighbours.


Source: Debbie Davidson

This urgent situation called for a call to aid on Facebook, to which Debbie received a reply from the associations Pet4Luv Foundation and Road to Home Rescue in less than 24 hours, who specialise in mistreated domestic animals.


Source: Debbie Davidson

Toby, Chloe and Bagel were quickly given medical treatment by a veterinary team, who remarked serious health conditions. The dogs had skin parasites and suffered bacterial and fungal infections, as well as ear problems. Toby had been born with paralysed back legs and this caused an enormous amount of suffering.


Source: Tracy Mazzard

But thankfully, despite the difficult pasts they have experienced, the pets show no signs of aggression. David Bernaci, the director of Pet4Luv Foundation, explained:

It's absolutely amazing what was done and what these animals went through, and how affectionate they are.

Source: Bobbi Anne Thomas

The trio isn't completely out of the woods yet. The two pups still have dental, skin and ear problems ,and Toby still has to undergo an operation for his knee. All three are still waiting to find a new adoptive family.


Source: Bobbi Anne Thomas

The three pets aren't having much luck. They are adorable, but have particular medical needs, need a tremendous amount of love because of their traumatic past and also require a lot of attention as they are all senior pets.


Source : Bobbi Anne Thomas

You can help Pet4Luv by making a donation to finance the costs of the three pets' medical treatments, helping them to get a new start in life.

H/t: The Dodo