Nutmeg, The 'Saddest Cat In The World,' Has Just Been Adopted


In September 2016, a terrified and malnourished five-year-old cat ended up at the Lollypop Farm, located in Fairport, New York. His particular face gave him an air of permanent sadness, which grabbed the attention of the volunteers. One of themexplainedtoLove Meow:

For a while, it seemed as though Nutmeg might have been the saddest cat in the world. He came to Lollypop Farm in September of 2016 as a thin stray with a serious nasal infection and a perpetually sad face. [...] His ears were tattered, and his face bore the evidence of a difficult life.

 Source: Lollypop Farm

While he was far from being in good health, the whole rescue team mobilized to get him back on his feet.And once he was well enough, he started socializing with the other cats at the shelter to prepare for his new life. For several months, Nutmeg patiently waited for a family to give him a chance, and at the beginning of June, his wish was granted.


Source: Lollypop Farm

The association explained:

This past weekend, Nutmeg found his perfect family after waiting almost nine months. A young couple who noticed his special face, and fell in love with his adorable personality.

Source: Lollypop Farm

From his perspective, Tyler Stadt, Nutmeg's new adoptive dad, explained:

My girlfriend dragged me into Lollipop Farm after seeing him online! I definitely fell in love with his face at first sight, how can you not. He's doing great, he adapted very quickly and loves getting pets in his favorite spot on the couch and purring. He is definitely one of the most laid back cats I've ever met with a little bit of a playful side and I wouldn't change it for the world.

While Nutmeg will still always give the impression of being sad, he overflows with joy next to his new family, and has found the strength to smile.


 Source: Tyler Stadt

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