Nobody Wants This 'Pink' Dog Because She Looks A Little Different


Animal Friends of the Valleys is a shelter in California where people can anonymously leave their pets if they wish to surrender them but do not want to face shelter staff in the process. It might seem sad and cowardly, but night drop shelters have actually been proven to reduce the number of pets abandoned in the streets. Whatever someone's reason for abandoning a pet may be, it is still better for that animal to go to a shelter than to fend for itself in the streets.In February, a shelter worker arrived one morning to find a pink dog in their shelter. The Boxer and her brown brother were left there during the night and her skin was pink and irritated because of an infection. Asia and her brother Artie were both suffering from demodex mange, and were in much pain as their skin was itching all over.


Source: LCAL Rescue

The pair was very confused and uncomfortable, but friendly towards the staff. Jennifer Glover, a veterinary technician, said:

Within just one day of having someone care for them here, they were so much happier and more outgoing.

They contacted the team at Last Chance at Life Rescue(LCAL), in San Diego County, who immediately took in the two Boxers. Niccola Gentile, the volunteer who dropped the dogs off at their new shelter, said:

Asia came right out of the kennel to leave with me, while Artie was still nervous and took some coaxing to get a leash on him. But once out, he was so excited! Asia just wanted to be with him and would focus all her energy on getting next to him; unless of course she was trying to give you kisses.

Source: LCAL Rescue

Artie's fur was missing in patches and he had some eye infections, but he was not as severe as Asia, who had turned completely pink and lost nearly all of her fur.


Source: LCAL Rescue

The medical team is taking very good care of the two and they are expecting their fur to grow back soon. They are both responding well to the pain medication and sensitized shampoo. Lisa Hamilton, founder and president of LCAL, says:

I assure you they were both unsettled with being dumped but they know very quickly that the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys and the volunteers at LCAL are their ‘friends’ and there to help them.

Source: LCAL Rescue

If you are considering adopting a dog and live in California, please contact the shelter and think about taking in Asia and Artie. They are desperate for a a second chance at life and need a happy home.


Source: LCAL Rescue

Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.

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