Nobody Wanted This Abandoned Cat Because Of The Saddest Reason

Andrea A.

Dizzy and hissister were abandoned after their owner moved away, and they were taken to the Happy Cats Havenin Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA).


Source : Dizzy @dizzycat_

Dizzy isn't like othercats; he has a few quirks. The feline only has one eye and a prominent snaggletooth, which sadly discouraged potential owners from adopting him, and left Dizzy to spend months waiting in the shelter.It seemed that nobody was interested in him, untilMelanie and herhusband Sal arrived. Their previous cat, Meatball, had passed away a few months earlier and the couple were looking for a new companion. When they came across Dizzy's adoption page on PetFinder, they knew straight away that their search was over.


Source : Dizzy @dizzycat_

Melanie explains :

We fell in love with his face… We were surprised at how long they had been there [Dizzy and his sister]. His condition was normal, aside from being a little shy.

The couple decided to adopt both Dizzy and hissister, so as not to separate the two animals.From what the vet says, the feline was born with a misshapen skull which led to his condition and distinctive features. His trademark snaggletooth recently fell out, but Dizzy is still a unique cat with one sealed nostril and half of his face tilted to the right.


Source : Dizzy @dizzycat_

The feline also has some eccentric habits, most likely caused by his condition, but this hasn't stopped people from falling in love with him. Melanie told Love Meow:

He often circles, always clockwise, as a sort of tic. He also 'tracks'. It looks like a typewriter or lawn sprinkler motion. He goes into 'crazy mode' often.

Source : Dizzy @dizzycat_

Along with hisquirks, Dizzy has a great personality. Melanie describes:

He spends a lot of time in his cat tree. He also likes fighting with his 'sister', and they take turns being the aggressor.


Source : Dizzy @dizzycat_

If you would like to keep up to date with Dizzy's adventures, you can follow hisInstagram,YouTubeandFacebookpages here!

H/t : Love Meow

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