New TV Channel Glorifying Trophy Hunting Funded By Major Football Club Owner Outrages The Internet


Stan Kroenke, the majority owner of the professional football club Arsenal, unveiled his new subscription based sports television platform named My Outdoor TV Channel (MOTV), which will show scenes of trophy hunting in the UK last weekend.

Source: SCI Expedition Safari/MOTV

The channel, which was launched at the Game Fair in Hertfordshire, has been available in the USA since 2016, but this is the first time that it will reach a UK audience.While it has been labeled by supporters as 'the Netflix of the hunting world', Kroenke's new venture has been met with huge backlash across the internet, including fans of the football team.[caption id="attachment_24113" align="alignnone" width="627"]

Stan Kroenke Source: Getty Images[/caption]Public figures such as Piers Morgan and Jeremy Corbyn have also openly criticized the channel, both stating that they were 'disgusted' by the actions of Stan Kroenke.The channel boasts that it will air "thousands of hunting, fishing and shooting episodes featuring the biggest names in outdoor videos and even wild game recipes."

Source: Youtube/MOTV

Shocking scenes from the channel show a variety of wild animals being killed, including one man killing an endangered elephant, who then turns to the camera and triumphantlydeclares:

There’s no other feeling in the world quite like walking up on your bull elephant.

The subscription based channel, which will cost £7.60 ($9.99), has angered animal rights activists and football fans alike from across the country who are calling for MOTV to be banned in the UK.While the trophy hunting shows are completely legal, the practice has received major backlash in recent years, particularly following the death of Cecil the lion in 2015.[caption id="attachment_24114" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

Cecil the lion with his killer Walter Palmer Source: @ParisMatch[/caption]However, the channel spokesman Simon Barr maintains that the shows aired will be 'ethical' and told the Independent:

MOTV will present ethical, fair chase hunting and as long as it's legal it will be on there.If you like hunting elephants, there will be legal elephant hunts, ethical elephant hunts, shown in that context.

To sign the petition to end trophy hunting launched by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation,click here.

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