New 'Trend' For Walking Cats On Leashes Could Be Stressing Them Out


The RSPCA (the equivalent of the ASPCA in the US) has issued a warning cat lovers and owners alike that the ever more popular trend of walking your favorite feline on a leash could, in fact, be detrimental to them.

Source: Instagram/Adventure Cats

As cats are extremely independent and territorial creatures, the association explains that “being walked on a collar or harness prevents them having control,” leading to them being distressed.However, many pet owners living in busy cities who do not have gardens or green spaces nearby have taken to walking their cats on leashes both for their safety and to help them be more active in the outside world.

Source: Instagram/Adventure Cats

Marleen Maathuis and interior designer Tim Van Cromcoirt are two South London residents who recently took their favorite feline friend on a walking holiday with them on a lead. They explained their decision to the Telegraph:

Just because we live in a flat and haven’t got a garden, we didn’t want him to miss out on the beauty of life. Cats are curious animals, they like exploring. It would be a shame if he just stayed indoors because of the busy roads. In London, we see it often, people walking ferrets, rabbits - we even saw a guinea pig on a leash in the park recently. 

Source: Instagram/Adventure Cats

The association advises owners in city situations to try to“bring the outdoors in” and try to keep their felines as active as possible with as many options as possible inside the safety of their home.

Source: Instagram/Adventure Cats

However, the animal welfare organization acknowledges that not all cats are the same, and so going for walks on leashes might be ok for some felines, but owners should always be responsible and make sure their feline is happy every step of the way.

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