New Study Proves That Having A Dog Is Great For Your Health, As Dog Owners Are More Active


The benefits of owning a pet, namely a dog, have been widely documented in recent years as pet ownership continues to be on the rise.

Source: PetNet

The latest study by the University of East Anglia(UEA) and theCenter for Diet and Activity Researchat the University of Cambridge have found yet another reason to have a canine companion in your life.The research involved comparing how active dog owners and those without dogs were.3,123 participants between the ages of 49 and 91, of whom 20% had a dog, were asked to wear accelerometers for seven days so that researchers could track their activity.After analysis of the results, the difference between the two groups became extremely evident. Dog owners proved to be more active on even the rainiest and coldest days than their counterparts on the sunniest and driest days.

Source: Times Free Press

In the worst walking conditions, dog owners were more active by 12 minutes, and in optimal conditions, they were more active by 29 minutes.This new research which means that having a dog is extremely likely to make you more active, and therefore healthier is just another on the long list of health benefits that animal companionship provides.

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Dogs have already been proven to lower stress levels, even more than friends and family, and research has even found that children in homes with animals are significantly less likely to suffer from asthma.While the cause for this is as of yet undiscovered, the research showed that children whose parents own a dog are 13% less likely to develop the disease.

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