Netflix And Holidog Team Up To Bring You The Best DOGumentary Ever


Holidog is teaming up with Netflix for an exciting new series all about dogs and just how wonderful they are.

Celebrating what makes dogs so great

Dogs will be a brand new documentary series exploring and celebrating all of the qualities that make our four-legged friends such perfect companions and even better on-screen stars.Each episode will follow stories of pet owners and the incredible bonds they have with theirpets.

Source: @thedoggiemagazine

All dog-lovers know just how difficult it can be to stop talking about how great our furry friends are, and finding someone else equally as obsessed with their pooch isn't always so easy.Luckily TwinDog, an app created by Holidog, is ready and waiting to help canine obsessed pet owners everywhere find like-minded people and dogs around them. App users can look for friendship or even love both for themselves and their four-legged friends.

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TwinDog offers a unique opportunity just for pet owners and animal-lovers as a safe space where you can be sure that nobody will tell you to stop talking about your favorite furry friend.Users' stories and experiences of love, friendship and most importantly, dogs will be featured on the show and shown to animal lovers all over the globe.

You and your dog could be the next Netflix stars

We are looking for TwinDog users worldwide willing to participate and share their stories to appear in the upcoming documentary.If you would like to be involved, you can apply to be a part of this exciting project by clicking here!

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At Holidog, we aim to improve the lives of your furry friends. Enjoy your holidays with peace of mind, knowing your pet is in great hands (find a petsitter near you) and spoil them with our monthly subscription box filled with yummy treats and toys (get your free box here). You can count on us!