Neglected Dogs Found In Cockroach-Infested House Are Now On Their Way To Happiness


The Giles County house is a residence situatedoutside Nashville, Tennessee. Last week, one of the people living there made a call for medical assistance, according to The Dodo, and the disabled adults were all taken to hospital to be cared for.


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However, there was something else, something very tragic to be found in this house besides the unkempt state of the people living there. Amongst the cockroaches, the maggots and rotten odours, there were live animals being kept in cages. The Animal Rescue Corps(ARC) got a desperate call.


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The president and founder of the ARC, Scotlund Haisley, told The Dodo:

When we got there, (the animals) were gone. They were vacant. They had given up.

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Source: ARC

There were eight dogs, a bird and a cat amongstthe debris and clutter. The rescue team had to wear suits and masks just to enter the house safely. Haisley said:

The air quality was as bad as anywhere I've ever gone into. Stagnant. Ammonia. And other filth.
Operation Midnight Peril AppealAnimal Rescue Corps has responded to 4 cases of animal cruelty in the past 3 weeks saving over 300 animals. We also still have nearly 100 animals in our care at the Animal Rescue Corps Emergency Shelter in Hernando Mississippi.The team is exhausted and donations are much needed and greatly appreciated!PLEASE HELP: Comment #donate and the dollar amount (ex. #donate $20) and we will reply with a short one-time form for you to complete.Posted by Animal Rescue Corps on Friday, 2 September 2016

It was the fourth rescue operation in three weeks, all involving cockroaches and filthy living conditions. More than 300 animals had recently been transported to the team's rescue shelter.


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As soon as the animals arrived at the shelter, something changed. They began to get a sparkle in their eyes. They seemed to shed the heavy skin that was their previous torture chamber... And come alive again.


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This is a moment that is always very uplifting for animal rescue workers. Haisley explained:

We had all these animals coming in there broken, physically and emotionally. And within hours, or days, they were all reclaiming the lives that were stolen from them. They were all becoming dogs and cats once again.

Source: ARC

The cat unfortunately didn't survive, but the rest of the animals were placed in a shelter in Boca Raton, Florida and have good times ahead of them.


Source: ARC

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