Naughty Cat Refuses To Come Inside Until Her Best Friend Steps In


Cats and dogs both have stereotypical personality traits that are sometimes unfairly thrust upon them... And this pair are not helping to put things in a better light.

A video that has been viewed more than 10 million times shows a dog and a cat being called inside by their human. The cat, as cats tend to do, does not listen and does not respond. So the woman asks her dog for his help.

Every single time her cat is allowed outside to walk around, the animal wants to stay outside, showing the lack of respect cats are known for. The pup, when asked for his help, goes to rush the cat and, with his head under her belly, carries the naughty cat inside to the delight of the owner.

Watch the video below, and see the little dog proudly do his duty for his human:


H/t: Incroyable.co

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