Most Unwanted Dog In The World Is Still Waiting To Be Adopted After 1265 Days


1265 days seems a long time... Especially when you're waiting for a home. Elijah, this adorable guard dog, has been waiting patiently and still isn't hopeless.


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In 2013 a policeman found him wandering around the streets of Long Island, New York. He was taken to Brookhaven Animal Shelter where the volunteers have been taking care of him for 3 and a half years now.


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Elijah wasn't supposed to stay at the shelter for more than a few weeks. Sadly, he has celebrated three birthdays there and no-one has adopted him.


Source : Facebook

Despite everything, the ball of fur is still all smiles. His face lights up every time a shelter worker opens his cage to take him for a walk. Elijah adores the company of any human, explains Ashley Boyd, the director of the shelter:

Even after these three years in the shelter, he's never become distant with people. He's got a personality of gold.

Today they dog is between 6 and 7 years old but full of energy. He can play for hours on end, alone, with a ball, evident on the videos posted on his own Facebook page which was created to find him a forever home.


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For the moment, they still haven't succeeded. Ashley fears his size might have something to do with it - he weighs 77 pounds. His impressive bulk doesn't do him any favours. Most people are looking to adopt small dogs who need less physical exercise. Ashley is disappointed by these prejudices:

If he's walked a few times a day, Elijah adores resting and cuddling. In reality, he's an excellent city dog!


Source : Facebook

That's just another reason why we shouldn't judge a dog by its appearance or breed... We hope that the poor pup doesn't have to wait too long anymore before finding a loving family and a happy home that he so deserves.

If you happen to know someone in the United States who might be interested in adopting Elijah, don't hesitate to contact his current shelter here.

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