More Than 900 Dogs Live With This Couple At Their No-Kill Sanctuary


The"Territorio de Zaguates", roughly translated as "the land of the mutts",is a sanctuary situated in the mountains of Santa Barbara, Costa Rica. This incredible shelter was started in 2008 by Lya Battle andÁlvaro Saumet, and is home to over 900 animals, each one unique and more adorable than the last.


 Source : Territorio de Zaguates

It started out as a small project for the couple, as they were just looking to help senior and handicapped dogs, but quickly snowballed into enormous proportions.


Source : Territorio de Zaguates

Their loft home soon became much too small andÁlvaro built dog houses and elevated platforms in the garden for the pups. But even then, the stream of desperate animals did not stop. The couple explained onFacebook:

When a new dog arrives here, we start by sterilizing him, vaccinating him and eliminating his parasites. Then the dog receives a special treatment if it's necessary, and next we take care of the less urgent situations, like skin problems. 

The sanctuary is exclusively run by volunteers and no sick animals are put down, regardless of their situation. The dogs, who have covered spaces and dog houses, as well as lots of space to run and explore freely on the farm the couple owns. The pups can also meet potential adopters in hopes of finding their forever families.


Source : Territorio de Zaguates

Costa Rica is one of the first countries on the American continent to have banned euthanasia for animals in good health, in 2003. The entire country is considered as a giant sanctuary for animals.


Source : Territorio de Zaguates

Protection laws for fauna and flora are also enforced, as well as those of many endangered or endemic species, creating a unique and beautiful landscape.If you would like to support this animal loving couple's sanctuary and help all the volunteers working with the animals, make a donation here.If you live in England, you can visit the RSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit the ASPCA to get more information about pets available for adoption.Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.

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