More Than 18 Million Views On The PDA Filled Cuddle Sesh Between These Two Dogs And A Cat


Two dogs taking a nap together... That' cute. If it's a dog and a cat, even more sweet. But three fur balls - two pups and a kitty - all cuddled up, it would be hard to find something more adorable!

It was this improbable moment that Jennifer, a young 22-year-old American, walked in on, and her first move was obviously to grab her phone to get the whole thing on camera.


Source: Watson The Golden

From left to right, here are Kiko, Watson and Harry the cat. All three get along so well, to the point of falling asleep spooning.

Jennifer explains:

At the beginning, Harry was a little confused and scared in regards to Kiko and Watson, But it didn’t take long for him to get use to Watson and Kiko. Watson is very gentle and has a very calm, friendly temperament.


Source: Watson The Golden

The trio has melted the hearts of plenty of internet users and have since become famous; their Instagram account, where Jennifer publishes daily photos of their idyllic relationship, is followed by over 150,000 people!

We'll leave you to watch the legendary cuddle session for yourself:

Can we just cuddle up and sleep all day? Published by ABC13 Houston on Thursday May 12, 2016