More Animal Cruelty Cases Than Ever Were Reported This Year, Says A New Report


The RSPCA, the equivalent of the ASPCA in the USA, released their annual animal cruelty figures in March, documenting the number of cases they were alerted to, dealt with, and prosecuted.The number of animal cruelty complaints they received increased by 5% this year, but the number of offenders prosecuted declined, reports the BBC.[caption id="attachment_20071" align="alignnone" width="625"]


William, a dog that had been abandoned and left to starve, was saved by the RSPCA. Source: RSPCA[/caption]In total, the RSPCA investigated nearly 150,000 cases, equating to around 400 a day. Of these, only 744 led to prosecutions. Dermot Murphy, assistant director of the organization, explains these figures as a response to social media:

People are increasingly likely to share images or footage on their social media accounts of animals they believe are not being cared for properly, while many will see material their friends have shared and then contact us about them.

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Eight kittens that were found in an abandoned suitcase by the RSPCA. Source: Amy De-Keyzer[/caption]The number of prosecutions fell by 6% compared to the year before, and Murphy suggests that the increased number of cases does not indicate that people are becoming more cruel, but simply that they are more aware about animal cruelty, and are less likely to be bystanders.[caption id="attachment_20070" align="alignnone" width="629"]


Puppies that were saved from the Bradford puppy mill by the RSPCA. Source: RSPCA/Guzelian[/caption]They continue to investigate terrible cases, such as the inhumane puppy mill discovered in Bradord, UK, on a daily basis. On this occasion, the offenders were given a 20 week suspended sentence and a lifetime ban on owning dogs.Watch the video describing their animal cruelty figures below:[embed][/embed]You can support the RSPCA and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animals.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.You can also visit PETA and pledge to be cruelty-free.

H/t: BBC

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