Monkey Suffers The Most Humiliating Punishment In Front Of Jeering Crowd


It's sickening to imagine that humans could humiliatean animallike this. But for this monkey in Mumbai, India, it's the sad reality.The macaque had reportedly been stealing food and ripping up pillows in the local area, according toAFP. He had been up to no good for six months before the community decided something had to be done about it.And tragically,on February 5they called in the monkey catchers (not an unusual practice in India, where monkeys are so often surrounded by humans).


Source: @MumbaiMirror

But his ordeal hadn't even begun yet. The monkey was bound up with his hands tied behind his back, left to hopelessly pull with his teeth at the rope around his ankles.Meanwhile, the people cheered. As you can probably imagine, this did nothing to help the poor monkey's mental state - in fact, he became so stressed that he hissed when a local simplypatted him on the forehead.


Source: @ABP

It's really no wonder that he reacted in such a way after being so brutally and unnecessarily treated by the humans. You can see the distress and suffering on his little face.The primate was finally released from his torturous binding and fed some grapes, but only after he had been secured in a cage. The crowd continued to gather round and jeer.

Apparently, the city will release him into the countryside and give him back a happy life. An official from the Mumbai Maharashtra Forest Department told AFP:

We will make sure it's fit and when it is we will release him on the outskirts of Thane.

To be honest, freedom can never really make up for the humiliation and suffering that the macaque endured at the hands of the humans who watched him and jeered. We can only hope that he will soon be released and find a happier life.

H/t: @TheDodo

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