Monkey “Slaves" Who Had Chains Growing Into Their Skin Are Finally Safe


Assanee and Wasan are two northern pig-tailed macaques named after famous Thai pop stars, reports The Dodo.


Source: WFFT

They are brothers and were born in the wild but were likely removed after their mother had been killed, according to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT).


Source: WFFT

The two monkeys were sold in a pet market for only $230 each and immediately made to work. For almost two years, the two macaques were kept on the fifth floor of a hotel in Phetchaburi, being used as "guard monkeys". The WFFT wrote on Facebook:

(They were) chained on the top floor of the hotel to scare away the smaller urban long-tailed macaques, and prevent them from occupying the hotel... We expect that these monkey were stolen from the forests after witnessing the murder of their mothers, all to be sold into a life of abuse.

Source: WFFT

The moment that owners no longer needed their guard monkeys, they calledthe WFFT. They had begun to sustain serious injuries from their chains. The post continues:

Such barbaric tools are to used prevent the enslaved macaques from escaping. These rigid iron neck restraints are comparable to those used on human slaves.

Source: WFFT

Fortunately, the organisation was able to remove the chains which had become deeply embedded under the skin. They were given antibiotics and pain medication to help them gain their strength back.


Source: WFFT

Although the monkeys can never return to the wild because they were raised in captivity, they are slowly becoming accustomed to their new lives.


Source: WFFT

They are going to live atWFFT Wildlife Rescue Center, in a large open field habitat, where they can enjoy freedom, social interactions with other primates and finally be safe from cruelty. The WFFT concluded:

Free from their chains, these young boys will never have to be slaves again.

Source: WFFT

To support the WFFT and the good work they do in helping animals likeAssanee and Wasan, make a donation here.

H/t: The Dodo