Mom Dog Rescues Her Puppies From Fire By Carrying Them To Safety In Her Mouth


In an event showing maternal instinct in all its glory, a mother dog saved all her puppies from a blazing fire. She carried them all to the safety of the fire truck and the photos have touched the hearts of many.


A fire broke out in a house inSanta Rosa de Temuco, Chile, after a car exploded in the street outfront.Amanda, the German shepherd mix who lived in the house, did not hesitate for a second to risk her own life in saving her offspring. Taking them in her mouth, she carried them to the truck where the firemen were waiting.


She did more than trip to get all the puppies to safety, after which she lay down next to them while the firefighters battled withthe flames.


Once the fire was under control, Amanda and her puppies were taken to a veterinary clinic. Some of them were suffering from burns, and one of them sadly passed away. The four other puppies made it through without a scratch. Felipe Lara, the veterinarian who took care of the family, said that in the beginning, the protective Amanda would not let her get close the the puppies.


As she understood that the doctor wanted to help, she let them take over but stayed close to their sides throughout the treatment.

H/t: DailyMail