Mischievous Beagle Missing For A Week Turns Up In The Most Unlikely Place


Cleo, a rescue beagle, is a master of escaping. Whether it's a lead or a harness, she will always find a way to wriggle herself free.While this talent is impressive, it can make for some scary situations for her family when the pup goes missing on the busy streets of Hobart, Tasmania.

Source: Facebook/Ryk Goddard

They normally find her safe and sound down the road at their local veterinary clinic, but one day in May she caused her family much more panic than normal.In the middle of a park surrounded by busy roads, Cleo managed to break free of her collar and ran away from her mom, Sophy. The family became increasingly worried when the clever beagle didn't show up in any of her usual spots.Two days later and there was still no sign of her.

Source: Facebook/Ryk Goddard

Becoming increasingly concerned, Ryk Goddard, Cleo's 'dad' posted themessage on Facebook:

Cleo is MISSING. She slipped her collar and ran off on the domain last night. If you see her please PM me.

Sadly, there was still no news as to the canine's whereabouts. Then, two days later, the family got the surprise that they had been waiting for.Ryk arrived at the radio station where he works, as he does every day, and was absolutely stunned when he came across his missing dog Cleo sitting outside of the building.

Source: Twitter/Carol Raabus

He described to The Dodo:

She had no collar and was scared and shivering. I had to pick her up and carry her inside as I had to go back on air to do the traffic and weather report, so she ran around the studio sniffing everything while I did that. Then she sat with me at my desk until the family came to pick her up.

The family suspects that Cleo used her keen canine sense of smell to find her way back to the office and while they would prefer that the dog didn't go missing so often, they wouldn't change her for the world.

Source: Facebook/Ryk Goddard

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