"Miracle Molly" Was Hit By A Train But This Police Officer Saved Her Life And Now He's Adopted Her


This gorgeous white Pit Bull girl has been given the nickname “Miracle Molly”, after she survived being hit by a train in Baltimore, Maryland, US. She wouldn'thave survived unless police officer, Kevin McMullen, had saved her life.But that's not all -her saviour is now herdad too, since McMullen hasjust adopted Molly!


Source: @BARCS

On 21st January, OfficerKevin McMullen received a call alerting him to a dog who had been hit by a train. Sadly, Molly had run into a tunnel moments before the train went through, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.McMullen dreaded finding the poor dog's lifeless body. But miraculously, Molly had survived. Her back leg had been completely severed off and she had multiple wounds, but she was still breathing.


Source: @BARCS

Bailey Deacon, spokesperson for the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter told The Sun:

 It was a miracle she survived.

Officer McMullen rushed Molly to BARCS Animal Shelter, where the emergency vets got straight to work patching her up.


Source: @BARCS

Within a few weeks, Molly was already back on her paws and wagging her tail. She was particularly thrilled to see her saviour McMullen again. She couldn't stop covering him in kisses.


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And while the story about Molly and her saviour did its tour of the internet, everyone was desperate to know where Molly would end up... Surely her forever home was with her saviour?Indeed it was. The adoption took place on Valentine’s Day and McMullen welcomed the brave Pit Bull into his home with his girlfriend, Claire, his cat, and three other dogs.


Source: @MiracleMollyMcMullen

In an interview with BarkPost, McMullentold them Mollywas doing very well with her new family:

She has already taken over the couch, so she must know she is finally in her forever home... Next to me.

Source: @MiracleMollyMcMullen

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