Miniature Horse With Dwarfism Doesn't Let His Size Get Him Down


They say good things come in small packages and this couldn't be more true when looking at Munchie, a miniature horse from Hitchcock, Texas. He may be different than the other horses at animal sanctuary Habitat for Horses, but this has never affected his confidence. Just a mere 21 inches (less than two feet) off the ground, Munchie is significantly smaller than the average horse.

Source: Habitat for Horses

The sanctuary rescued Munchie along with several other horses, when he was just two months old. He was living in a state of neglect on a property in San Antonio.Amber Barnes, adoption and media specialist for Habitat for Horses, told The Dodo:

He came in with a family of smaller miniature horses and also larger horses. It was a very large cruelty seizure case. There were actually several horses who had died that were on the property when we got there. So it’s a sad case.

Barnes recalls that due to Munchie's size, "he was driven from the rescue [site] on somebody’s lap in the front seat of a truck. He was itty bitty. Like a tiny dog in your lap".

As cute as his miniature size was, the sanctuary soon realized he wasn't an ordinary mini horse. Munchie sadly had dwarfism which is a common issue, sometimes "fatal" among horses of his size, since they are often inbred by careless owners. Munchie is fortunately relatively healthy despite having a curved "roach" back, an underbite and a big potbelly because his organs are all regular size.

Source: Habitat for Horses

In spite of these things, Munchie's quality of life is still just as good as the other horses'. He spends his days eating, napping and exploring the pasture he shares with four other mini horses, one of whom also has dwarfism.

Source: Habitat for Horses

Munchie's determined spirit and general love of life has earned him the title of official sanctuary ambassador, going to libraries and schools to teach children about horses and animal welfare. Barnes said:

When we talk about Munchie, we tell his story and talk about the plight of other horses. He’s a good example.

 At every opportunity, he'll show the larger horses he's not afraid of them with Barnes saying “they’ll be right nearby, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, give me my hay. Where are my carrots? I’m not worried about you".

Source: Habitat for Horses

Munchie's height is somewhat "[startling]" to the other horses who don't always know how to react to him. He doesn't use this against them, being content with just being himself. Barnes said “Munchie is a funny little guy. He’s a sweet, laid-back little dude".If you would like to help more horses like Munchie escape a life of neglect, you can donate to Habitat for Horses here.

H/t: The Dodo

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