Millionaire Spends His Entire Fortune To Save Dogs From Slaughter

A Chinese millionaire has given up all of his fortune in order to save the lives of thousands of dogs destined for the meat trade. Wang Yan made the decision after his beloved dog was stolen from him three years ago and he believes it was taken to be slaughtered.

Source: @YourStory

The 29-year-old used to runa steel empire and had a net worth of several million yuan. However, when his pet dog, Pooch, went missing in 2012, everything changed.He visited a nearby slaughterhouse to look for his dog but Pooch was nowhere to be found. Yan was so disturbed by what he saw at the slaughterhouse and he could notstand by without stopping the barbarity of the meat trade.


So using all themoney he had made, he put it towards building a sanctuary for dogs, and started saving straysfrom their terriblefate. Using an abandoned steel factory as the shelter, he has saved the lives of thousands of dogs.


Source: @YourStory

But his philanthropyhas comeat a price. Yan refuses to accept any monetary donations and does not accept adoption fees. He only takes donations in the form of food or supplies for the dogs.


Source: @YourStory

Yan's dedication to these dogs is truly incredible, and we hope he can continue to save as many of their lives as possible.No dog deserves to be in the meat trade. Sadly, however, it is a huge problem across Asia. It is barbaric and inhumane to eat a dog. If you want to help put an end to such atrocities, you can supportAnimalsAsia in their plight to tackle the meat trade.

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