Michigan Man Sought in Connection with Alleged Dog Fighting Ring


Authorities in Michigan are on the hunt for Casey Autry Kidd, a man wanted for his alleged involvement in a dog fighting ring. The shocking discovery came to light after deputies found eight emaciated dogs chained in a yard, while six others had tragically starved to death and were left to rot. Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson held a press conference to address the disturbing case.

During the press conference, Sheriff Swanson stated, "We believe that these dogs were used in a potential dog fighting ring." The evidence found on the dogs supported this claim, as many of them exhibited multiple stages of scarring and injuries commonly associated with dog fighting. The inhumane treatment and neglect these animals endured are deeply troubling.

The condition in which the dogs were found was heartbreaking. They were discovered chained, with one poor soul so tightly restrained that it couldn't even move. The extent of their suffering was evident, and immediate action was taken to rescue the surviving dogs from their horrific circumstances.

Deputies managed to save the eight dogs that were found alive and immediately provided them with the care and attention they desperately needed. Two of the rescued dogs were found to have microchips, allowing officials to work on reuniting them with their rightful owners. One heartwarming reunion took place last week when a Boston terrier, one of the chipped dogs, was joyfully reunited with its owner.

Authorities in Michigan are on the hunt for Casey Autry Kidd, a man wanted for his alleged involvement in a dog fighting ring.

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office shared a touching video of another reunion between a chipped dog and its family, which took place following the press conference. These reunions serve as a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness, as the dogs find solace and love with their rightful owners once again.

Casey Autry Kidd, the alleged perpetrator, remains at large. Authorities have issued a felony arrest warrant for Kidd on charges of abandoning animals. Notably, Kidd has a dangerous criminal history, including multiple arrests for home invasions, assaults, and drug charges. The search for Kidd is ongoing, but Sheriff Swanson emphasized that community members should not put themselves at risk while assisting in the investigation.

The heinous act of dog fighting is a grave offense against innocent animals and reflects a disregard for their well-being. It is a sobering reminder of the ongoing need for increased awareness, strict legal measures, and vigilant enforcement to combat such cruelty. The pursuit of justice for the mistreated dogs continues, as law enforcement remains dedicated to holding those responsible accountable for their actions.