Meet The Most Famous Dogs on Social Media

S. Dillamore

As Crufts 2023 gets underway, the world-renowned dog show has once again put the spotlight on our furry friends. While some dogs may be known for their incredible agility or obedience skills, others have become famous for their social media presence and lovable personalities.

One of the most famous social media dogs is Boo, a Pomeranian who gained fame through his adorable fluffy face and tiny stature. Boo has amassed millions of followers across various platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and has even released his own book. Despite passing away in 2019, Boo's legacy lives on as one of the most beloved dogs on the internet.

Boo the Pom

Another famous social media dog is Tuna, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix with a distinctive overbite. Tuna has over 2 million followers on Instagram and has even released his own book. Known for his adorable facial expressions and fun costumes, Tuna has become a household name for dog lovers around the world.

Tuna the dog

Doug the Pug is another social media superstar, known for his hilarious costumes and lovable personality. With over 4 million followers on Instagram, Doug has become one of the most famous dogs on the internet. He has also appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows, showcasing his comedic timing and photogenic looks.

Doug Pug

Maru is a Shiba Inu from Japan who has become famous for his love of boxes. Often squeezing into boxes no matter how small they are, Maru has captured the hearts of over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. His playful and curious nature has made him a beloved figure in the dog-loving community.

Maru the Shiba

Jiff, a Pomeranian, holds two Guinness World Records for his incredible speed in running on two legs. Jiff has also appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows, showcasing his impressive talents and lovable personality. With millions of followers on social media, Jiff has become one of the most famous dogs in the world.


While these dogs have become famous for their looks, personalities, and talents, it's important to remember that all dogs are special and unique in their own way. Dogs bring joy, love, and companionship into our lives, and we are lucky to have them as our furry friends.

In addition to the famous social media dogs, Crufts 2023 also highlights some of the most talented and well-trained dogs in the world. The competition showcases a variety of breeds, from the sleek and agile Greyhound to the loyal and protective German Shepherd.

One of the most impressive events at Crufts is the agility competition, where dogs race through a course of obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. The agility competition tests not only the dog's physical abilities but also their obedience and focus.

Another popular event at Crufts is the obedience competition, where dogs are judged on their ability to follow commands and perform tasks such as retrieving objects and staying in place. The obedience competition highlights the bond between a dog and their handler, as the two work together to achieve a common goal.

In addition to showcasing the incredible skills and talents of dogs, Crufts also promotes responsible dog ownership and the importance of proper training and care. The show features a variety of vendors and experts who offer advice on everything from nutrition and grooming to behaviour and training.

Overall, Crufts 2023 is a celebration of all things dog. From the famous social media dogs to the well-trained and talented competitors, dogs are celebrated for their unique abilities and personalities. While some dogs may be more famous than others, all dogs are special and deserve to be loved and cherished by their owners.