Meet Richie, The Feline Ringleader Of A Gang Of Seven Chihuahuas

Andrea A.

Who said dogs and cats can't live peacefully under the same roof?The Yuta Family from Bangkok, Thailand, are home to afour-legged furry gang which includes a cat and seven Chihuahuas.


Source : @Yutafamily

The leader of the pack is Richie, and he's a little bit bigger than his canine siblings. In fact, he's a five-year-old grey and white cat, and he acts just like the Chihuahuas' dad. TheChihuahuas love their older and wiser feline friend, and the whole gang get alongin complete harmony.

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Richie's velvet paws are always upfor a cuddle session with the members of his cohort.


And apparently he has a favourite: Kuma, the little chocolate-colouredChihuahua. The two friends never leave each other's side and they even sleep together...


Source : @Yutafamily

It seems Richie's canine companion has even encouraged him to enjoy bath time!


Source : @Yutafamily

You can follow the unlikely troupe on Instagram tokeep up to date with all their adventures!


Source : @Yutafamily


Source : @Yutafamily

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