Meet Jasmine, The Blind Cat Rescued Off The Street With The Most Incredible Eyes


Jasmine was wandering the streets of Bordeaux, France last year when she was rescued by the Feline Adoption Association. When they found her, she was very malnourished and terrified of humans.They also discovered that Jasmine was blind.


Source: @SandraCoudray

But Jasmine has the mostremarkable big eyes, anddespite her life as a stray, she has learned how to trust humans again.And that's thanks to her adoptive mother Sandra Coudray, who fell in love with her when she saw a photo of her on the association's Facebook page.


Source: @SandraCoudray

Sandra Coudray told Love Meow how she knew instantly she had to adopt her:

She stole my heart right in that instant... The foster family explained that she was blind, but to me she is no different to any other cats.

Source: @SandraCoudray

The young woman welcomed Jasmine into her home and since then, Jasmine's true character has come out. She now loves cuddles and attention from humans and even gets on with the other pets in her home.


Source: @SandraCoudray

Unsurprisingly, Jasmine and her mother have formed a very strong bond. She sleeps in bed with her human and when Coudray recently went on holiday for a few days, Jasmine apparently sat waiting for her on her bed every day.


Source: @SandraCoudray

"Now she can not do without us, and we can't do without her. She brings us so much joy and love," Coudray added.