Meet Archer, The Arctic Fox Whose Hysterical Laugh Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Archer is a domesticated arctic fox who lives in Michigan, US, with his humanKristina Saher.Recently, Archer has been creating waves on social media channelVinefor his howling laugh.

Within two weeks, the video had been seen over77 million times. No wonder considering how contagious hislaugh is.


Source : @Vine

Kristina explained that herfox laughs after hearing her boyfriend chuckle. Archer is the ultimate mimic, it seems.On herVine, the young woman explains:

Archer's main ways to communicate are by his happy screams/laughter & this howl. He usually does this to call us back to him or come inside.

Source : @Vine

As cute as fluffy little Archer may be, we must remember that he's a wild animal and shouldn't be kept as a pet.What's more, considering how many animals are in shelters who deserve nothing but love, we would encourage you to adopt dogs and cats as pets rather than these wild animals. You'd be saving their lives in doing so and they only have love to give.

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