Massive Win For Dogs And Families As Ohio Town Rejects Ban On Pitbulls

On Tuesday 12th January, the city council of Shaker Heights, Ohio, rejected a proposal to ban pit bulls in the city.The motion failed 5 votes to 2. The council was considering a ban on new pit bulls in the city. This would have meant that the residents of Shaker Heights would not be allowed to adopt a Pitbull.Pitbulls that already lived in the city would be allowed to remain in it but would have to register with the city for a $20 per year fee. They would also be required to wear muzzles.


Source: @Shakerite

The city’s proposal came five months after Shaker Heights resident Annie Williams was killed by a pit bull that attacked her July 12, 2015 while she was picking up her two granddaughters. Williams' granddaughter, Tequila Williams, attended the meeting to encourage the council to pass the ban.


Source: @Shakerite

Almost a hundred community members gathered to voice their opinions about the proposed law. Opposers of the ban focussed on the fact that the owner of the dog who killed Williams is currently imprisoned, and it was due to his bad handling that the dog was so aggressive.Pitbulls suffer from unjust bad reputations and this means countless numbers of them are not only victimised, but banned in certain cities and countries.


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Dogs living in cities that discriminate against certain so-called aggressive breeds areoften ripped from their homes and dumped in shelters, or worse yet, euthanised. There is no consideration for the dogs’ personality or past. If they look like a “Pit Bull,” then they aren’t permitted.This is truly welcome news that Pitbulls will still be legal in this town in Ohio, and we hope this inspires the same in other cities.


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We cannot stress enough that there is no such thing as bad breeds, only bad owners. Treat a dog with love, and they will only givemore love back.

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