Man's Loving Care For Elderly Labrador Touches Hearts Online


In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, user tatyana.jade showcases her boyfriend caring for his Labrador, Simba, in a swimming pool. The caption states, "My boyfriend's green flag is that he would literally do anything for his dog," referencing the positive actions or traits exhibited by an individual.

It is common knowledge among pet owners that as dogs age, they require increasing amounts of care and attention. The gentleman featured in the video demonstrates that with a bit of love and dedication, a pet's later years can be as fulfilling as their earlier ones.

The video's caption further explains: "Simba needs a pool to do hydrotherapy because he's having trouble walking in his older age - no problem. I'll buy him a pool and do the sessions with him myself." As the video progresses, it features the man celebrating Simba's birthday, complete with gifts, to ensure Simba "knows how special he is to everyone." Subsequent scenes show Simba using a portable back brace, held by a physiotherapist. The caption adds, "Simba's back legs are hurting. No problem - we'll sign him up for weekly physio sessions to try and reinforce his muscles." Chris James, the boyfriend, has his TikTok account where he is seen showering Simba with affection and taking him outdoors.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that there are approximately 65.1 million dogs owned in the U.S., making dogs the most popular pet, well ahead of the 46.5 million cats. The APPA also noted that millennials make up 33% of pet owners, followed by Generation X at 25%, and Baby Boomers at 24%.

Since its initial posting on TikTok, the video has garnered roughly 1 million views and over 131,800 likes. The majority of the comments on the video were overwhelmingly positive, praising both the man and Simba. One TikTok user, Lea, commented, "This is what being a pet owner is all about. Those are our babies and they deserve the world. Beautiful bond to see." Another user, FullStop, added, "Sobbing my eyes out. I wish our babies could live forever. No worse feeling than seeing them slow down." Smith Photo remarked, "The life every dog deserves. Thank you guys for giving that to him." Kris Falin posted, "I wished I could heart this video 5 million times because I sure would."

Taking care of an aging pet involves many considerations. From dietary changes to increased veterinary check-ups, it's essential to make several adjustments to ensure your pet's comfort and health in their golden years. Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, as seen in the video, are excellent ways to manage pain and improve mobility in older dogs. Other interventions can include providing orthopedic beds, installing ramps to bypass stairs, and administering supplements or medications to manage pain and inflammation.

Remember, it's essential to consult a veterinary professional before starting any new treatment or making significant changes to your pet's routine or diet.