Man Who Sickeningly Tortured Caitlyn The Pit Bull Pleads Guilty

There is finally some justice for Caitlyn, the tragic pit bull who was found with her muzzle cruelly taped shut.


Source: @CharlestonAnimalSociety

The man responsible, 42-year-old William Leonard Dodson from North Charleston, South Carolina, was supposed to go on trial on August 22 but he has instead pleaded guilty. He is now awaiting his sentence.

Dodsonhas been in jail in Charleston since June 2015, when Caitlyn managed to escape from her cruel owner and was taken in by the Charleston Animal Society.Their CEO Joe Elmore says:

[She] would have died had someone not intervened. We won't tolerate it anymore.

Investigators believe Dodsonbought Caitlyn for $20, beforediscovering she "was barking too much" and sealing her mouth shut with duct tape as a solution, reports The Post and Courier.


Source: @TheDodo

He faces a fine of up to $5,000 and a sentence of up tofive years.Caitlyn's physical recovery was incredible, and she even began using her jaw again after several operations and intensive care. In fact, American magazine People recognised her outstanding bravery by namingher the "Best Survival Story of 2015".

But Caitlynstill suffers from the psychological trauma of the ordeal. For now, she's getting all the attention and care she needs within her foster family, and will probably stay in foster care for the rest of her life.


Source: @CharlestonAnimalSociety

At least she's now in safe hands. Elmore concludes: "Our number one priority is Caitlyn's health and well-being, and we are attending to special needs she has and will continue to do so".