Man Who Left Puppy In Car Under Direct Sunlight Now Faces Deportation


Freddy Dorantes Moreno was arrested on August 6 after leaving his puppy inside of his car on a hot day in direct sunlight in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The man now faces deportation as a consequence of animal cruelty.

Source: WSB / Via

Passers by noticed a small black and white dog in the black seat on an SUV parked under beaming sunlight. The dog was clearly overheating and was panting excessively.They alerted the local police, explaining that the little dog had been left alone in the car for at least 30 minutes.They arrived on the scene and Cpl. Michele Pihera from the Gwinnett County Police Department described:

The external temperature outside was about 82 degrees. However, when they put a thermometer inside the car, they determined the temperature inside the SUV was 94 to over 100 degrees.

Source: WSB / Via

Assessing the situation to be extremely dangerous, they decided to break the car window in order to free the dog.It was then when they broke the window that Dorantes came out of the restaurant where he had been eating with his family.The canine was brought to a cool air conditioned area to help the puppy cool down.The man was taken into custody on Sunday evening for animal cruelty charges and is now being held byImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Source: Twitter/Tony Thomas

The young canine was taken to a local shelter where one of the nurses explained to Buzzfeed that he was recovering well. The dog has been identified as a Havanese between eight and 10 weeks old.For now, the puppy is not up for adoption. If Dorantes is acquitted, he will be returned to his family or will otherwise be put up for adoption.

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