Man Who Dragged Dog Behind Him On Scooter Has Finally Been Sent To Prison

Andrea A.

On February 6 2018, a video of a dog being dragged behind a scooter, in the middle of the road, in France, caused mass outrage all over the internet. The man responsible was quickly arrested and placed in custody, and the animal, nicknamed Gucci, was taken to Fondation Assistance aux Animaux (Animal Assistance Foundation).

Source: Huffington Post

Other charities in France including Fondation 30 Million d'Amis and One Voice, decided to file a complaint against the man who had apparently "borrowed" Gucci from his owner, a young man who was unsure of what to do with him.The driver of the scooter, who first appeared in court on February 12, was finally sentenced last week to six months in prison.

Source: Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

The guilty man has also been banned from owning an animal for five years. The court also confirmed the final confiscation of the animal. As for Gucci, he found a new family the day after the decision was announced. TheFondation Assistance aux Animaux was delighted with the outcome, saying:

Acts such as this usually get away without a prison sentence. For us, this is certainly a punishment that is well deserved.