Man Sentenced To 54 Days In Prison Just Because He Has 6 Cats


Sylvain Brunette is considered a criminal in Quebec law. His crime is looking after six cats.This Franklin resident was recently sentenced to 54 days' imprisonment - a sentence that is as severe as it is incomprehensible for this cat lover. "Since I was small, I've always had a passion for animals. The other day, I treated a cat who had been injured by a pellet," he said to the Journal de Montréal. He explained:

I am hurting no-one. [...] Yes, I have six cats, I treat them well and they stay inside my house. Who are they bothering? We are in the countryside, my neighbors have dogs and they were never sent to prison.

Source : Magalie Lapointe / Journal de Montréal 

The reality is that the municipal authorities of his county allow residents no more than one cat each. Sylvian has been fighting the municipality on this rule since 2013, accumulating fines of over $1000. As he is illiterate and lives off social aid from the state, the man was unable to pay them, so he was sent to prison.Behind bars, Sylvian was kept with criminals who had committed much more severe crimes. "The men were big, fat and mean. Imagine: I was there for having looked after my cats. I would not hurt a fly..." He was terrorized and did not even dare to eat during this time.Luckily, his ordeal only lasted four days, as his family got hold of the money for his bail. He will take the next two years of his life to reimburse them, at a rate of around $50 per month. Since he has been free, Sylvian has not gotten rid of his cats, and continues to feed, shelter and love them. "I don't want to leave without them, I'm afraid for their future."

H/t: Closermag